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موضوع: Strange Start Menu / Microsoft Store app issue

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    پیش فرض Strange Start Menu / Microsoft Store app issue


    I have been able to use wimcapture to capture a Windows 10 installation in macOS and restore it successfully using wimapply. However, after the latest Windows 10 Creators Update, the capture and apply work without any errors in the log, but the Start Menu and all Microsoft Store apps do not launch. If I try and launch them manually (for instance, using "start microsoft-edge"), I get a "invalid value for registry". If I use ntfsprogs to capture an image using the block-based special format, and restore, it works fine (no issue with the store apps or start menu). I have tried resetting the store apps with wsreset.exe and re-registering the apps, but nothing seems to work. I suspected that it had to do with the volume label or volume id that is store somewhere in the registry, but I did a wimapply on a NTFS formatted filesystem that was working but just had the same files removed. It showed the same behavior of the broken start menu and Microsoft store apps. Any idea of why I see this behavior when restoring via wimcapture/apply?

    Please help.

    I did not find the right solution from the Internet.

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